ANN: Java SCF Preview Applet

Eugen C. Buehler buehler+ at pitt.edu
Fri Jun 7 09:43:46 EST 1996

        First off, I'ld like to thank everyone that was so quick in
sending me the details on the SCF (Standard Chromatogram File) format. 
Its always nice to see so many folks ready to help out some schmuck
they've never met.
        Anyway, after recieving that info, the aforementioned schmuck
spent the weekend programming.  The goal I'm working towards is a java
package that will handle reading, manipulation, and writing of the SCF
format.  As a demonstration of a possible application of this work, I
wrote an applet last night that takes as its only argument an SCF file
name, and then reads in and displays the chromatogram and its
corresponding sequence.  You can check out this work in progress, assuming
you're using a java capable browser, at:


        At the momment, the SCF class I've written only works with the
version 2.0 format.  The viewer will eventually have buttons to allow
scaling, display of comments, etc.
        If anyone has an SCF version 3.0 formatted file lying around, I'ld
appreciate you dropping me a line.  I need one to test the code I'm
writing.  As always, any comments, suggestions, and requests are welcome.

Eugen Buehler
buehler+ at pitt.edu

PS - People who just can't get enough java can check out a "Knight's Tour"
applet I wrote a few weeks ago, at http://www.lm.com/~snafu/board.html

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