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In article <4p6vnh$h8f at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, ptaylor at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk (Dr. P.L.
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> >> Try MacVector.  That's the best and easy-to-use sequence analysis 
> >> software on Mac OS, as far as I know.  Price is quite expensive; more 
> >> than $2000.  It's from Eastman Kodak, 
> >


> At the risk of being accused of advertising on this group, may I suggest
> that you take a look at my program GeneJockeyII, which offers similar
> functionality to MacVector et al, but costs $1000 and is not copy-
> protected.  Call BioSoft on (314) 524 8029 (USA) or 01223 68622 (UK)
> for a demo.
> Phil Taylor
> mbplt at seqnet.dl.ac.uk

Well, since he did it I guess that opens up the gate right?  If you want
to see the cutting edge 
of molecular biology software at a very reasonable price you should go to
homepage at http://www.informaxinc.com and look at Vector NTI.  You can
see screen shots and read 
about the only package that can design your molecules for you. No other
package can touch it
for power, functionality and ease of use. I _guarantee_ you if you get the
demo and look it over
you wouldnt buy another package even at a 50% discount.

Here's just one example of the kind of power Vector NTI gives you...

*Highlight a sequence
*Access a drop down menu
* You are automatically logged into the BLAST database
* An amino acid search is conducted for the given sequence
*The data is returned to you.

This is just _one_ simple example of how Vector NTI's Internet
connectivity makes on-line
database searches practically invisible.

The first copy is US$1495 and subsequent copies are $595. There is a
shared database version available.
Our version 4.0 is released for Windows with the Mac platform available
within a few days. 

Sorry for the ad, but I couldnt bear to see inferior products being tauted
without letting the facts be known.


Jeff Shumaker

InforMax, Inc.
informax at informaxinc.com

InforMax, Inc.
informax at informaxinc.com

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