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Robin Beech robin_beech at maclan.mcgill.ca
Thu Jun 6 09:06:16 EST 1996

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> Try MacVector.  That's the best and easy-to-use sequence analysis 
> software on Mac OS, as far as I know.  Price is quite expensive; more 
> than $2000.  It's from Eastman Kodak, 

I called Oxford Molecular, who have taken MacVector over from Eastman
Kodak, a few days ago. While the software works well for most things (hate
the sequence alignments it gives) the price is $2450 US for the basic
license. I also asked about upgrading our 4 user personal copies to a 4
user network version - the price for getting almost equivalent usage but
without having to unplug the EVE key each time you want to go to a
different computer over $5000 US !!!! I hate to think what the price of
the Network version would be from scratch.

Robin Beech,
Institute of Parasitology,
McGill University

PS Anyone want to form a PowerPlant work team and write a shareware DNA
sequence handling package ;-)

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