How to compare 3d Protein structures?

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Wed Jun 5 14:36:15 EST 1996

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reimer at biochemtech.uni-halle.de says...
>Dear Netters!
>Is there any program known which allows to compare 3D structure of
>different PDB Files?
>Thank you!

If you are running unix then you can contact Andrew Martin at
University College, London for a copy of ProFit.  This will
fit two PDB files and give RMS differences.  I've used gcc to
compile it for Linux, our Sun, an SG and a Convex and they all
run it just nicely.  Andrew prefers you to contact him directly
as he wants to know who is actually using the program and keeps
you informed of updates.
Martin is	martin at bsm.biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk


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