Announcing CoreSearch Release 1.2

Kornelie Frech frech at gsf.de
Mon Jun 3 03:33:47 EST 1996

We would like to announce the availability of CoreSearch Release 1.2 for
UNIX. CoreSearch is available as source code for UNIX at




CoreSearch is used to identify and delimitate consensus elements (e.g.
protein binding sites) in a set of unaligned nucleic acid sequences. 

CoreSearch creates the same consensus descriptions as the program
ConsInd, so that the program ConsInspector (which is also available at
this site) can be used to scan new sequences for matches to the detected
binding site. 
CoreSearch supresses elements already identified in the sequences.
Therefore multiple independent elements can be detected in successive
program runs using the sequence file created in the previous run.

The method is described in

Wolfertstetter,F., Frech,K., Herrmann,G., Werner,T.
Identification of functional elements in unaligned nucleic acid
sequences by a novel tuple search algorithm
Comp. Appl. Biosci. 12, 71-80 (1996).

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