MINORE: Anyone gotten this to work?

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Sat Jun 1 12:01:55 EST 1996

A few months ago a European group posted a notice about an interesting
piece of software (scripts actually) which would automatically send off a
DNA/protein sequence to genbank and parse the reply, notifying the user if
a new homologous sequence had been found. Running this on Solaris, the
system choked a bit because of the scripting,and I don't have sufficient
time to play around hacking the script; 

Question: has anyone modified this program to run on Solaris (or even Irix
for that matter). It seems like a really useful idea which I could
find immediate use for. Alternatively, is there a similar publicly
available service running on the 'net somewhere?

Thanks for any help.


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