Seeking software for graphing and spreadsheet functions

Lisa Caroline Lewis lcl at porky.bu.edu
Wed Jan 31 11:42:04 EST 1996

The company I work for is looking for software that can both handle
graphing and spreadsheet functions.  We need to have programming
ability with it, so that we can write our own macros.  The graphing
must be able to do sigmoidal plots on a semi-log scale [dose-response
curves]. (The last should be obvious, but not all software can do it!)
We also want to be able to sort sections of data in the spreadsheet.

Currently we are using QuattroPro to for the data, then exporting
processed data into Origin.

Any suggestions are welcome...  
The company's number is: (617) 935-3900.  Responses here will also
work, but this is my personal account, so it may take a little longer. 

Many thanks!

 - Lisa Caroline


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