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>Sequencher (gene codes) commercial, really good and fast, you can do 
>dozens of sequences at a time.  I forget how much it costs....sorry

Sequencher is definitely not free software.  As I recall it was $1800 US.

Although I'm a big fan of Sequencher, I can not recommend it's use for
everyday sequence alignment -- it works wonderfully for aligning data from
a sequencing project and assembling them into contigs.  If you want to
align finished sequences, I think that it has limitations that might have
a severe affect on one's results.  

Instead, I would recommend using ClustalW for aligning finished sequence
data.  It is available via anonymous ftp from:
<ftp://ftp.bio.indiana.edu/molbio/align/> or

I'm not sure how well clustal works for pairwise alignments, but I
recommend it for multiple alignments.
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