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>What are some of the most important pharmacy information providers?     
>Thanks, Sheryl Lowenhar, R.Ph.

Hello Sheryl, I represent Gold Standard Multimedia software and they
have an excellent Clinical Pharmacology program. Below is a full
description of the program. Let me know if you have any question.

		Gold Standard Multimedia Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology, the first originally-written electronic drug
information system with graphical user interface, combines traditional
approaches to drug information with the power of the personal computer,
providing an inexpensive and time-saving drug reference for the health care
community. In the November 23, 1994 ediction of the Journal of the American
Medical Association, Saty Sata-Murti, MD says "Practicing clinicians need a
inexpensive, timely, and concise pharmacy program. Clinical Pharmacology
fulfills this need effectively..."

Clinical Pharmacology contains approximately 6,000 page-equivalents of drug
information covering virtually every preperation available in the United
States. The most commonly prescribed drugs received the most thorough
coverage, while thousands of "mini-monographs" provide information on less
common drugs, comination preparations, and new drugs. Each drug monograph
contains clinically-oriented information about the drug's mechanism of
action, pharmacokinetics, indications, dosage, contraindications, drug
interations, side effects, costs, labeling and classifications. Also
associated with each monograph is a complete description of the drug in
layperson's terms for patient counseling. Additionally, there are life-size
color photographs of popular dosage forms, the chemnical structure and
empirical formulas. An IV Admixtures index provides compatibility
information for drugs in solutions, syringes, and Y-sites and there is even
a Product ID utility which can find unknown medications based on physical
characteristics, such as shape and color, and verify their identities with

All categories (e.g.indications) are fully indexed and cross-referenced for
easy access to correlative data. This format allows the user to approach
information in a variety of ways and to create reports from the various
indices (e.g."Create a list of the drugs indicated for gastric ulcer").

Clinical Pharmacology has the ability to store patient records and drug
utilization histories. It can also generate a profile, based on a patient's
drug schedule, medical conditions and allergies, which warns of potential
interactions, predicts the most likely side effects, gives drug/contra-
indication and drug/allergy warnings, compiles cost information, and
notifies the clinician if therpay is being duplicated. The program can even
generate neat, professional prescriptions, print them, and save them in a
prescrition index.

Clinical Pharmacology also highlights new drug information, providing a
valuable source of up-to-date information for busy practitioners. All the
information is thoroughly referenced from the current journal literature.
Academic users will appreciate the ability to generate interactive
quizzes which are ideal for both students and health care professional
wishing to brush up on drug information. The program is avaiable for both
Macintosh and Windows(tm) formats on either diskettes or CD-ROM.
Subscription, priced at $295USD per year, include the program and three
quarterly updates which will include both content and feature enhancements.
2 Station License $590.00, 3 Station License $795.00, 4 Station License $995.00
Call for prices of 5-20 workstations and unlimited site license.
Marty Thomas
expomed at interramp.com
Expomed Inc is a worldwide provider of medical equipment, training
and accessories.Featured Software:Gold Standard Multimedia, RSI Visible
Human CD,Data Express Visual Man CD,BodyWorks 4.0 and other programs.
Other products: replacement lamps, recording chart papers and patient cables.
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