Please HELP: How to run decay analyses

Doug Eernisse DEernisse at fullerton.edu
Thu Jan 25 19:10:34 EST 1996

Niklas Wikström wrote:

>The easiest way to do a decay analysis using PAUP is to run AutoDecay >3.0,
>a handy litle program made by Torsten Eriksson and me. Please send an
>e-mail to me wikstrom at botan.su.se or Torsten Eriksson >erikssot at botan.su.se
>and we will send a copy to you for free. Very easy.

I haven't seen the AutoDecay program but it sounds similar to
the "Support Index Blocks" feature in 8/93 to present versions of my 
DNA Stacks software for Macs. You open your PAUP tree disk file and
it saves appropriate self-executing PAUP search blocks to a new 
file or appended to your normal data file. You still have to
wade through the generated PAUP log file to note the difference 
between unconstrained and converse constraint searches matching each
node in the tree(s), but the software also adds comments to the
log output it automatically generates to avoid mix-ups. 
The current 1.1 version of this DNA Stacks software is at
and look for the feature under the Data menu of the Aligner stack.
No doubt that AutoDecay comes in a more stream-lined package.

Doug Eernisse

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