FACS/HP magneto-optical drive to PC

a.becciolini at mednuc2.dfc.unifi.it a.becciolini at mednuc2.dfc.unifi.it
Fri Jan 19 05:29:57 EST 1996

Dear Netters,
We are using a BD FACScan flow cytometer with a HP9000/34 system
(Unix). Data are acquired with LysisII and analyzed with Cellfit.
Data are stored on a Bering Magneto-optical disk of 650Mb 
to HP by HP/IB port.
We would like to analyse data on a PC with some specific 
(e.g. IDLYK) running in Windows.
We need to transfer data from MO to PC.
We are asking for:
1) how to connect MO to PC
2) how to transfer data written on the formatted HP MO to PC 

A. Becciolini
Radiation Biology Lab.
University of Florence
Viale Pieraccini 6
E-mail:a.becciolini at mednuc2.dfc.unifi.it

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