Greenhouse Datalogging Advice Sought

Ed Woolsey HerbBiomass at mci.newscorp.com
Thu Jan 18 14:26:44 EST 1996

I am currently running a small scale corn to ethanol production facility 
using a 100mhz 486 and Computer Boards interfaces.  We have 18 
thermocouples, two vari-speed motors, 5000w heaters, 3... 1.5hp 
The system has been working fairly well for us...only problem is ...noise
coming into the system disrupting the thermocouple readings.  We are 
currently able to keep the readings within acceptable limits (2 deg. F) 
with software smoothing.
We are getting ready to set up a greenhouse next to the operation...so I 
would be interested in keeping in touch with your progress.
Ed Woolsey
woolsey at netins.net

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