Identifying Features in Biological Sequences Workshop, Aspen, June '96

William R. Pearson wrp at alpha0.bioch.virginia.edu
Thu Jan 18 15:43:48 EST 1996

Dear Colleague:

I am writing to inform you of our plans for this year's workshop at
the Aspen Center for Physics on Identifying Features in Biological
Sequences.  This workshop, the seventh in the series, runs from 27 May
to 16 June.  The deadline for electronic applications
(http://andy.bu.edu/aspen/application) is February 1; mail-in
applications for this workshop must be received by February 15. While
we prefer that participants spend the entire three weeks, we recognize
that there are conflicts with this year's ISMB96 meeting and stays of
two weeks can be acommodated.

Our goal is to bring together about 25 researchers, from diverse
backgrounds of biology, mathematics, computer science and other
disciplines, that are interested in the problems of extracting
biological information from nucleic acid and protein sequences.  The
workshop is designed to facilitate interactions and collaborations.
Each participant has an office shared with one other participant.
There will be a small network of Unix workstations available with
connections to the Internet.  The workshop's formal schedule is
decided by the participants at the beginning of each week, but it
usually involves a limited amount of time in formal talks, perhaps 2-3
hours each day, and the rest of the time available for small group
interaction and collaboration.  These often involve the development
and testing of new methods, or the testing of old methods on new data
and the comparison of different methods on standardized data sets.
These collaborative interactions are the real strength of the Aspen
workshops.  A summary (postscript file) of the 1995 session can be
downloaded from: ftp://atlas.lanl.gov/pub/cb/ACP95.ps.  A printed copy
can be obtained by sending email with your postal address, to:
cb at t10.lanl.gov.

Housing in Aspen is arranged through the Center and is very reasonable,
making it possible to have family members join you to ameliorate the
prospect of being absent for such an extended period.  We have are
pursuing funding which may partially offset housing costs and some
travel expenses.  If you would like to attend but need financial
assistance to do so, I recommend that you apply before the deadline
and then later decline the invitation if it becomes necessary.  We will
try to find funding for those that are accepted to the workshop and
require it in order to attend.

Attendance at the Center's workshops is usually well oversubscribed. If
you want to come you must complete and return the application form so
that it is received before 15 February (there are no exceptions).
There are two options for applying:

The first, and preferred, option is to apply electronically.
up a World Wide Web address that you can use for this purpose:
http://andy.bu.edu/aspen/application.  (Information about the Center
and more information about its summer program can be found at
http://andy.bu.edu/aspen).  The WWW application process will not work
after February 1.

If electronic application is inconvenient or impossible, the second
option is to complete a hardcopy application form (included here if
you're receiving this note by postal service, and available by faxing
a request to me at 804-924-5069 if you're receiving this note by
e-mail), and sending it to:

   Sally Mencimer
   Aspen Center for Physics
   P.O. Box 1208
   Aspen, CO  81612 

   tel: 303-925-2585 
   fax: 303-920-1167
   email: mencimer at acp1.infosphere.com

In either case, you should specify the workshop title and weeks (or
subset thereof) -- as listed in the first paragraph above -- on the
application so the Center will know it's our workshop in which you are

After 15 February, the Center's Admissions Committee, with input from
our workshop's Organizing Committee (Christian Burks, Gene Myers, and
myself), will select participants based on getting a broad
representation of work in the field and a mixture of previous and new
participants.  Should some of those invited decline, more invitations
will be extended later.

We look forward to an exciting, productive workshop and encourage you,
or someone in your group, to apply.  Please feel free to post or pass
this note along to anyone who might be interested.  If you have any
questions about our workshop please contact me by e-mail
(wrp at virginia.edu); if you have questions about the Center's program
and administrative details in general, please contact Sally Mencimer
at the address above.

Sincerely yours,

William R. Pearson

  telephone: 804-924-2818
  fax:       804-924-5069
  e-mail:    wrp at virginia.edu

  Dept. of Biochemistry
  Jordan Hall #440
  University of Virginia
  Charlottesville, VA 22908

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