genomic DNA databases

C. Thomas White whitec at cs.unc.edu
Wed Jan 17 15:22:24 EST 1996

In article <4d3d9a$b2p at service2.uky.edu>, Michael Thompson <mthom0 at pop.uky.edu> writes:
|> Does anyone know of any WWW sites which allow searches of any of 
|> the genomic DNA databases?  The only ones I have seen so far allow 
|> searches only by gene name or accession number, and I am looking for a 
|> database which I can search with a portion of a cDNA to see if the 
|> genomic fragment from which it originated from has been sequenced and 
|> submitted.
|> Michael Thompson
|> University of Kentucky

The BioSCAN system uses an array of special-purpose processors to search a
database of biomolecular sequences similar to a specified query sequence.
Results are reported in a format similar to BLAST. The following WWW page
provides a window to enter any desired nucleic acid query sequence.

Tom White
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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