degenerate pattern searches with mismatches

marc van ranst Marc.VanRanst at rega.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Jan 15 20:02:53 EST 1996

Hi !
I would like to search the databanks with the following amino acid 
sequence pattern


I know that this pattern aligns with MPIYFLVLKGTGHVQALAFP with 8 
mismatches (HS60_GIALA, a parasite heat shock protein).

The DAPMAIL email server could pick this sequence up without problems.
However, when I tried DAPMAIL recently, I do not receive responses.

Are there other email servers or WWW servers that offer such services, 
i.e. where we can perform pattern searches that can handle patterns AND 
ALLOW MISMATCHES. (There are plenty of pattern searchers that handle 
patterns, but without mismatches)

Thank you very much in advance,

Marc Van Ranst, MD,PhD
University of Leuven

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