Copying and Pasting in Gene Construction Kit

Keith Johnson kaj at bioc.rice.edu
Mon Jan 15 19:11:09 EST 1996

cferrer at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Chris Ferrer) wrote:
>I am currently evaluating Textco's Gene Construction Kit and have the
>following question:
>          Is it possible to copy a picture of an illustration and paste it
>directly into Microsoft Word?  I am not able to do this with the demo
>version and was wondering if it is becuase it is the demo or a shortcoming
>of the software.

GCK is a powerful program.  As for pictures/illustrations, you can export these easily using the EXPORT command and paste these as PICTS anywhere, including Word documents.  I have used GCK quite a bit since I was at Dartmouth when the program was being developed by a researcher in the Biology Dept.  I haven't used the Plasmid Artist program since I had GCK available to me, so I can't really compare the two programs.  I know that I would try to use GCK whenever possible since it is very simple and powerful.

I hope that this helps.

Keith Johnson, Ph.D.
Rice University

I have no connection with Textco so this opinion is based only on the performance of the program.

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