What is AVS?

Massimo Ianigro massimo at area.ba.cnr.it
Sat Jan 13 10:48:55 EST 1996

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> We have the opportunity to work with AVS/UNIRAS, apparently a data
> visualization system. I wonder what it is able to do? The blurb I
> got from the computer center is not very instructive.
> I would love to hear from other AVS/UNIRAS users.

I work at the italian node of the EMBnet network (C.N.R. - Area).
I have worked with AVS in the last two years and I think it's one of
the most powerful data visualization systems available, as far as I

It consists of a tool called network editor that allows the user to
combine in a 'drag and drop' way a lot of modules, each of them
specialized in data input, filtering, mapping and data output.

You can also develop your own modules in C (Fortran) and add them
to the library so that they will be available also to your collegue.
Furthermore there are many modules developed by AVS users around the
world and available via FTP.

Using AVS it's very easy to develop your data handling application
by simply combining all the modules you need in a network where
output from each module is connected to the input of the next.

Also I am using another product, called AVS/Express, a sort of
enhancement of AVS.

The only drawback, in AVS 5, is that data between modules are copied,
instead of being passed by address, and so it eat a lot of memory
and sometime, when working with large collection of data, response
from the machine is not very fast.

Anyway, I think you should better contact avs (http://www.avs.com) or
your local representative; they will surely provide you more info.



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