Check out my new Credit Card Encryption Software Please.

Rob Church relic at IslandNet.com
Fri Jan 12 16:32:30 EST 1996


Hi, could you look at my way to protect your credit card numbers
from being stolen on the net,

I have designed a software package called Enigma Credit Card Encryptor
that works with any dos based PC and will:

- encrypt your credit card number.

- defeat thieving searchengines.

- give you peace of mind while making a purchase on the net.

and the great part is the Enigma Credit Card Encryptor is free for now
on a trial basis.

Download a DOS version at the Entreprenuers Business Startup Page at,
http://www.islandnet.com/~relic/startup.html (follow the links!)

Please send any comments or questions to me at,

relic at islandnet.com


Rob Church.

News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #2
Written by W.L. Ken, Ng <kenng at HongKong.Super.NET>


  News Xpress(NX) is a Windows Sockets compliant USENET newsreader for
  Microsoft Windows that uses the NNTP to access newsgroups and articles on
  a news server.

  Some of the key features of NX are:
  - Use Windows Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
  - Read, print, post and follow news
  - Send mail (SMTP)
  - Multiple newsgroups can be open at the same time
  - Support threads. It can use both Subject and References headers
    to thread article

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