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In article <DL0oFr.KpL at ebi.ac.uk>, bshomer at ebi.ac.uk (Benny Shomer) writes:
>Hsien-wei Peng (hwpeng at ibms.sinica.edu.tw) wrote:
>: Dear Netters,
>:   I am searching for a software for PCR primers design which works on
>: (3.1 or 95) or DOS.  I would like a free one, but information about
>: commercial products are also welcome.  Thank for your answering in

>(Inspite of what is documented here, as far as I can recall, primer-mit is
>also available for PC's. It worths asking them, since this is an excellent
>AC             BC00158
>NAME           PRIMER - MIT
>DOMAIN         Oligomer design and synthesis
>DESCRIPTION    PRIMER is a computer program for selecting PCR primer pairs to
>DESCRIPTION    amplify specific regions of sequenced DNA.  While PRIMER was
>DESCRIPTION    specifically designed to select primers from cloned and
>DESCRIPTION    sequenced genomic DNAs, many of the tests it performs
>are useful
>DESCRIPTION    for selecting oligos for other types of experiments as
>DESCRIPTION    including other PCR applications, oligo hybridization
>DESCRIPTION    dideoxy sequencing.
>AUTHOR         Lincoln S., Daly M. and Lander E.
>RT             -
>ADDRESS        MIT Center for Genome Research
>ADDRESS        Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
>ADDRESS        Nine Cambridge Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts
>CONTACT        primer at genome.wi.edu
>SITE           ftp anonymous genome.wi.edu
>SITE           Directory /pub/primer.0.5
>OS             Unix workstations including Sun SPARCStation 
>OS             and DEC DECStation systems
>LANGUAGE       C  
>VOLUME         -
>COMMENTS       PRIMER is available for free use for non-
>COMMENTS       commercial purposes by basic research labs in 
>COMMENTS       both academia and industry, providing users 
>COMMENTS       register using the form supplied with the 
>COMMENTS       program.
>I hope this helps,

True, primer.0.5 is available as primer.exe and primer.hqx : which means PC
and Mac versions.
The FTP address is wrong in the file above it is : genome.wi.mit.edu

The entry will be corrected in the next release of the Biocat

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