Pedrigree drawing software for Mac

Heikki LehvŠslaiho Heikki.Lehvaslaiho at csc.fi
Thu Jan 11 08:21:48 EST 1996

"Matthew P. Frosch, M.D., Ph.D." <frosch at dsg.harvard.edu> wrote:
>I am looking for software which will allow me to easily draw pedigrees 
>for a mouse colony on a Mac.  I know trhat I can do it freehand with a 
>variety of graphics package, but I am looking for a program which will 
>layout the tree in a standard manner (using established symbols, 
>labeling conventions, etc.).

The program you need is PedDraw:

 full name:Pedigree/Draw 
 descriptions: pedigree drawing 
 Authors: B. Dyke, Paul Mamelka, J. MacCleur, Southwest 
           Foundation for Biomedical Research 
 web: (see also pedigree drawing on Mac and PCs Web page)
 source code language: 
 operating systems: MAC 
 reference: Am Soc Hum Genet annual meeting 1987 (Dyke, 
            Mamelka, Am J. Hum Genet, suppl 41, A253 (1987)) 
 price: $45 ($10 for upgrade) 

Contact Paul Mamelka paul at darwin.sfbr.org.

This information is from 
         An Alphabetic List of Linkage Analysis Software 

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