SKIS NAMe-files to be released.

Derek Gunn Gunn at Otago.ac.NZ
Wed Jan 10 18:59:04 EST 1996

To all Six Kingdom Inventory System users:

Re 1: aquarium fishes: new NAMes-files nearly ready for posting
   2: new release soon of Family-level NAMes-files:  NAM-F-2.ZIP
   3: changes/corrections wanted urgently for present Family-level files

1/ Nearly ready for release are NAMes-files for 500 tropical freshwater
aquarium fishes, and 350 marine aquarium fishes.
The former is a good example of how SKIS handles synonyms.

2/ The successor to the 1983 "Dictionary of the Fungi" is now available,
published mid-December 1995, IMI, CABI.

In releasing NAM-F-1.ZIP to FTP late last year, we omitted two files
because of the delay to publication of this Dictionary.  These were
the files for Fungi (ss) and Protoctista (including some

The new files are scheduled to be posted in 3-4 weeks in NAM-F-2.ZIP.
This time the full series of 10 Family-level NAMs will be present,
ie all 6 Kingdoms of Biodiversity are covered at Family-level to run
interactively in the SKI_IN and SKI_PLUS programmes.

In the meantime, we would appreciate further comments, suggestions,
and above all any corrections of errors (as distinct from
improvements) that users find in the currently available Family-level
NAMes-files as in NAM-F-1.ZIP.  This is so that we can correct them
before they are re-issued.

Indications so far are that the NAMes-files are largely error free
[ie largely free of unintentional errors, although they cannot be
more up-to-date than the references used to create them.  Full
updates will come in due course].  This means we can be brave enough
to ask for any and all corrections please, and still hope for an early
release of NAM-F-2.ZIP.

3/ Does anyone still have files keyed to the 1983 Dictionary of the
Fungi?  If so, would you be interested in us producing a NAMes-file
that 'translates' at Family-level from the 1983 "Classification" to
the new version.  You would select a name of 1983 vintage from the
NAMes-file menus and SKIS will deliver it in a checklist in its
1995 higher Classification.

Cheers to all SKIS-users for '96.

SKIS_56.ZIP and NAM-F-1.ZIP can be obtained from the following sites:

Asian    users,  nctuccca.edu.tw:/PC/garbo/science
American users,  wuarchive.wustle.edu:/systems/ibmpc/garbo.uwasa.fi/science
European users,  garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/science
Oceanian users,  archie.au:/micros/pc/garbo/pc/science

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