NeuroLab v1.2 DEMO Available

Takashi Miyano tmiyano at mikuni.com
Tue Jan 9 04:53:19 EST 1996

Mikuni Berkeley R&D Corp. announces the release of NeuroLab v1.2 for 
Windows. The library that aids the understanding, designing and simulation 
of neural networks systems on the Macintosh is now available for Windows 
3.X, Win 95 and Win NT.

DEMO packages (Win, Mac) are now available for download from:


Software information is also available for WWW surfing:


NeuroLab is a neural network library for Extend (a graphical icon-based
simulation program). NeuroLab allows users to construct their own flexible
and complicated artificial neural networks by simply clicking, dragging and
connecting iconic blocks. The parameters of networks such as neuron number,
back propagation methods, and learning rates can be changed interactively
in the dialog box of each functional block. Implemented networks are:

Hopfield (full and sparse connection)
Competitive (supervised/unsupervised)
Feature map (1D, 2D)
Counter propagation, 
Boltzmann machine
Single/multi-layer feed-forward neural networks.

NeuroLabÕs graphical simulation assists users in their understanding of the

structure and components of neural networks and makes NeuroLab an ideal 
tool for educational and presentational purposes. NeuroLab includes ready-
to-modify examples in the following fields:

Image processing (recognition, restoration)
Data classification
Future prediction (signal, stock price)
Adaptive control (Robot, nonlinear plant)
Dynamics identification (forward/inverse dynamics)
Content addressable memory

For questions, comments and additional information, contact:
Mikuni Berkeley R & D Corp.
4000 Lakeside Dr.
Richmond, CA 94806-1936 USA
TEL: 510-222-9880, FAX: 510-222-9884
neurolab-info at mikuni.com

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