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Benny Shomer bshomer at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Jan 8 09:01:42 EST 1996

Mozart de Azevedo Marins (MOZART at IBCCF.BIOF.UFRJ.BR) wrote:
: Hi there,
:            I need a program do compile an EMBL decoder (UUD.C), how 
: can I get this ? Does anybody knows ? I've tried through the web, but 
: ostly I can't reach de host...is it possible by e-mail ?
:           Thanx

You haven't mentioned for which type of computer/OS you need this. For
PC's and Mac's you can easily get a binary version through the net. 


for PC:
extract34.zip  (from OAK.Oakland.edu  under  

wncod261.zip   (from OAK.Oakland.edu  under  
for Macintosh:
uu-undo-10.hqx  (from  sumex-aim.stanford.edu   under               

stuu.hqx        (from  sumex-aim.stanford.edu   under                

On large systems (e.g. Unix, SGI etc.) there will allways be a C compiler
available and in most cases there will also be compiled version of

BTW, it isn't an "EMBL decoder", but a general usage decoder for the UUE
format (which is used by EMBL-EBI as well... :).

I hope this helps,

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