Syd, a program to synthesize genome linkage data

Bradley K. Sherman bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov
Mon Jan 8 17:03:39 EST 1996

Software and details:

Syd simulates crossings in a 3 generation pedigree of
4 grandparents, 2 parents, 1-500 progeny.  It outputs
a data file which can be used as input --with some
adjustments-- for standard linkage mapping programs.

Here's the abstract prepared for Plant Genome IV:

	Syd simulates the genetics involved in a three-generation
	outbred pedigree with codominant alleles and produces a
	synthetic data file which can be analyzed with conventional
	linkage software.  The simulation can be parameterized
	using a configuration file that allows control over
	chromosome number, population size, loci per chromosome,
	chiasmatic frequency, and allelic distribution in simulated
	crosses.  The data can be produced with phase known or
	unknown.  Multiple pedigrees of the same species can be
	created and the data sampled and resampled. Syd allows
	hypotheses about preparation of laboratory data for linkage
	analysis to be tested in a controlled manner.

Consider this a ``beta'' release.  Syd is written in C and has
compiled and run under SunOS and AIX; it should work on other
Unix-like systems.


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