Year 2000 Solutions Conference

Tom Becker gtbecker at rightime.com
Sun Jan 7 19:48:50 EST 1996

"... an interesting prank ..."

If it hasn't been mentioned before, you might want to take a look at 
to see what serious concern there is about the upcoming problem with 
two-digit years in computer applications and hardware.  It won't be 
necessary to play any pranks; some discussions anticipate infrastructure 
failure in the worst scenario.  The Social Security Administration has 
estimated that it might cost $50 BILLION to correct their millions of 
lines of code that rely on two-digit year calculations over the next few 

Although DOS itself (and Windows) will make the 1999-2000 year 
transition, the PC is not immune to the problem since the CMOS RTC (the 
hardware clock) only keeps a two-digit year; the century is not 
maintained by hardware, so it will go from 1999 to 1900.  The next boot 
will produce a DOS system date of January 4, 1980.  Many of your PC 
applications will catastrophically fail.

Year2000.EXE, a free fix for the PC hardware year 2000 flaw, is available 
at the URL below.

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