Population Viability Analysis (PVA) data needed

Barry Brook brook at mso.anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 5 23:47:29 EST 1996

Dear All,
We are currently looking for good life history data on small populations of
vertebrate species. The data is intended to be used as input for a number
of Population Viability Analysis (PVA) software packages, so the data
should preferrably include information on the species mortality, fecundity,
lifespan etc. and on the number of individuals in the population.
 The data need not come from an endangered species. However, the population
must be small and isolated, or have gone through a bottleneck. The population
may now be extinct, or may have recovered to a stable size, with or without
human intervention. A long term monitoring of the population would be very
 The idea is to use this data to retrospectively test the predictive accuracy
of PVA software. To best achieve this, the data should be comprehensive.

 Examples of the sort of population data we are looking for include that for:
        - Lord Howe Island Woodhen 
        - Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat
        - Chatnam Island Robin
        - Black-footed ferret
        - European Bison

If you know of any other data sets that may be useful, in the literature or
elsewhere, we would greatly appreciate your suggestions.
Contact either:
E-mail: bbrook at mso.anu.edu.au (Barry Brook) or
        rfrankha at rna.bio.mq.edu.au (Richard Frankham)

A/Prof Richard Frankham
School of Biological Sciences
Macquarie University  NSW 2109
Phone: (02) 850-8186  Fax: (02) 850-8245  International: +61 2 850....

Please leave your contact details so we may get back to you.

Alternatively, post to this newsgroup.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Barry Brook.
Richard Frankham.

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