DOS/Windows sequence software?

Andy Bates bates at liv.ac.uk
Fri Jan 5 05:19:49 EST 1996

Sorry if this is a common request.  I'm looking for some software to
help teach students the delights of DNA (and protein) sequence
analysis.  It needs to be:

1.  DOS/Windows
2.  free
3.  able to find restriction sites and search for short strings with
4.  able to find ORFs and translate them
5.  hopefully able to give some details of the hypothetical proteins,
e.g. mol wt., amino acid composition.

We currently use a simple menu-based DOS program call 'Mount & Conrad',
which does all these things, but is not very colourful or flashy.  I'm
afraid this is a case where style may need to outweigh substance to
some extent!!

Any thoughts?  Thanks a lot,

Andy Bates.
Dr. Andrew D. Bates             Tel:   (+44) (0)151 794 4322
Department of Biochemistry      Fax:   (+44) (0)151 794 4349
University of Liverpool         Email: bates at liv.ac.uk
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