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> Hello!
>      I am a freelance writer working on a project concerning the
> academic research capabilities and assets of the internet.  I am
> particularly interested in which sites/resources (WWW, Gopher, FTP,
> Lists, etc.) that regular users/researchers find most beneficial.  I am
> seeking input from professors, teachers, researchers, students, and
> anyone else who has something to contribute.
>      Please reply here, or preferably to:  tcnixon at netcom.com
> Tom Nixon
> P.S.  I apologize for the crossposting.  This is the only time that
> this post will appear in this newsgroup.  

I love the internet.  There is so much out there.  At school (Wesleyan
University) and home I have access to the WWW, which is great.  The amount
of information available is amazing and very overwhelming.  I just wish I
knew more about it and how to access everything it has to offer.  I did
want to make a comment for your project, if it matters, and that is that
it is great that several universities and colleges (actually most) offer
relatively free (a low monthly cover fee) personal access and free
general/campus-wide access.  I believe this availability is definitely a
significant factor to its widespread use and effectiveness at institutions
of higher education.  'Just wanted to drop a quick note for a worthy
project.  I'd like to know what the results of your project are.:)
sschlegel at wesleyan.edu

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