DNA Stacks - new version 1.1 available

Doug Eernisse DEernisse at fullerton.edu
Wed Jan 3 01:29:52 EST 1996

I have posted version 1.1 of a collection of HyperCard 2.x stacks
for Macintosh computers called DNA Stacks. It is especially intended 
for displaying/editing multiple sequence alignments, performing data 
conversions or analyses, displaying rescalable gene maps of mitochondrial 
or chloroplast genomes, and displaying graphs of codon usage.

For a description of version 1.0 see:

Eernisse, D. J. 1992. DNA Translator and Aligner: HyperCard utilities
    to aid phylogenetic analysis of molecules. CABIOS 8: 177-184.
For a description of the rather extensive feature enhancements
added between versions 1.0 and 1.1, see the file "DNA Stacks Info"
that comes with the package, or email me and I would be happy
to send this file.

The best way to get the most current version of DNA Stacks is 
from the author's home page: 

Version 1.1 was also sent to the Incoming directory of
the Indiana molecular biology archives

I trust it will eventually be moved to 

The last update to this archive was version 1.0n6 in 8/94.
The package has been considerably improved since then.

Warning -- expect the package to be about 2 MB when expanded.
Much of the increased size is due to the support of additional
animal mitochondrial genomes. Now one can view gene maps and
extract gene sequences from about 26 animal mtDNAs that have
been completely sequenced.

DNA Stacks also depends on any one of the following:

1) HyperCard 2.0 or greater (2.3 is PPC-native)
2) HyperCard Player 2.0 or greater (2.3 is PPC-native)
3) HyperStack Player 2.3 (sharewhare stand-alone)

Actually, only the version at my Web site, which was slightly
updated today, works with the newly available third option.
Although I had only my first experience with it today, it seems
quite fast. It might be worth trying if you have a PPC PowerMac
but haven't yet updated to the current PPC-native HyperCard or 
HyperCard Player (v. 2.3). Many early PowerMacs came supplied with
a non-native version 2.2 of HC Player.

It should be at the usual archives, including this mirror site:


or .../hyperstackplayer2.3.sit  for non-PPC version.

but be sure to allocate lots of extra RAM to it before you open
it (same goes for HyperCard or HyperCard Player). 

The DNA Stacks package is freeware for noncommercial use (see details
in the About dialog).

Doug Eernisse <DEernisse at fullerton.edu>
Dept. Biological Science MH282
California State University
Fullerton, CA 92634

Doug Eernisse <DEernisse at fullerton.edu>
Dept. Biological Science MH282
California State University
Fullerton, CA 92634

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