FACS/H-P -floppy-> Mac/PC driver?

Jean-Claude GARAUD jgaraud at faust.u-strasbg.fr
Tue Jan 2 09:14:17 EST 1996

"David R. Johnson" <johnson at biomed.med.yale.edu> wrote:

>Dear Netters,
>   We have a flow cytometer that works very well (Becton-Dickenson 
>FACSort) connected to a Hewlett-Packard Computer that runs an 
>ancient OS and doesn't work very well. 
>   Does anyone have (or know of) a floppy driver that works on a DOS 
>machine (Windows 3.1) or, preferably, a Mac?  This would allow 
>importation of FACS data into Excel, etc.,

BD sells "PC lysis", a program for PCs, almost identical to the Lysis
program for the HP 9000 workstation. This program comes with the
"HPreader" utility which allows to read HP-formatted diskettes on a
There are however two problems :
1 - PC lysis is very expensive. By the way, for a much better (and
cheaper - it's free !) program, look at the excellent WinMDI by J.
Trotter at http://facs.scripps.edu/software.html
2 - Both PC lysis and HPreader are copy-protected by the same key (a
device on the parallel port). A real nuisance !
I believe it should be possible to buy the HPreader utility alone
(it's not made by BD) but I haven't found where yet.


	Jean-Claude GARAUD
	Institut de Chimie Biologique

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