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In article <4h45dl$65e at oslo-nntp.eunet.no> enholm at login.eunet.no (Morten Enholm) writes:

>Is ther a Frendly Person out her that can E-mail me a file 
>that is located at SCSS3.CL.MSU.edu/pub/crypt/des/VHDL_des.tar.z ???
>This Ftp site only let's people from the US in And i Live In Norway......
>Please Help

If you are trying to get encryption software, be advised that it is a 
violation of US law for anyone to send it to you.  Encryption software is 
considered "munitions" under US law and a license is needed to export it.  
It's nuts, but it's the law, and it doesn't have to make sense.  

The people running that site are protecting themselves by keeping out anyone 
whose address has any domain other than ".us" on it.  If they export it to 
you, or if anyone else does, they run the risk of having  Clinton's Storm 
Troopers blow down the doors and shoot everyone, a la Waco.

There are probably some Canadian sites that have what you need.

Tom Caceci

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