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Heikki Lehv=?iso-8859-1?Q?=E4slaiho Heikki.Lehvaslaiho at csc.fi
Thu Feb 29 01:33:49 EST 1996

Fred Criscuolo wrote:
> We would like to maintain an up to date copy of Genbank's dbest database
> locally.  While I've seen instructions on how to download Genbank's databses
> via ftp, I've haven't found any tools to apply the daily updates.  Pointers to
> applicable software (UNIX) and/or documentation will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.

The way to do it is to use FTP with the help of a Perl program mirror to check for 
changes in remote directory. You then put a shell script, which starts up the 
mirroring and in case of changes reformats your local dababase, in you crontab.

The official places for mirror are:

        src.doc.ic.ac.uk []
                directory: computing/archiving/mirror
                (shortcut packages/mirror)

        ftp.th-darmstadt.de []
                directory: pub/networking/mirror

        ftp.sun.ac.za []
                directory: pub/packages/mirror

If you need to format dbest to GCG, there was earlier this month a series of 
postings with subject "GenEMBL Update script" in bionet.software.gcg. Check that 
thread out.


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