xtal-3d for WWW, a server for VRML 3D crystal structures

Alan Hewat hewat at ill.fr
Thu Feb 29 06:58:04 EST 1996

xtal-3d for WWW, a server for 3D crystal structures in VRML plus
some common zeolite structures already in VRML is on the following URL:


You simply paste your CCSL, Shel-X or Lazy Pulverix atom
co-ordinates file into this WWW page, select some options,
and press DISPLAY.

The structure will be displayed in live 3D, provided you have 
set up your WWW mime-types correctly and have a installed a VRML
viewer, such as VRweb (help pages are on this server). 

Such VRML viewers are now available for (almost) all computers,
from  PC's and Macintoshes to SGI, DEC, HP.. Unix workstations.
Even on a 486-DX, 3D rotation speed is sufficient for simple
structures, including zeolite frameworks.

xtal-3d is designed mainly for inorganic structures, and will 
draw co-ordination polyhedrae, ball-and-stick, space-filling etc
models from standard crystallographic files (including Shel-X, 
ICSD, Rietveld, GSAS, Fullprof, SirPow etc.). But "xtal-3d for WWW"
is limited by the data that can be transmitted via a WWW query string.

Alan Hewat, ILL Grenoble, FRANCE (hewat at ill.fr) fax (33)

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