Kiyoshi Gotow gotow at VIR.BEKKOAME.OR.JP
Sun Feb 25 22:14:57 EST 1996

At  9:33 96.2.23 -0700, David Frederiksen wrote:

>  Thank you for your prompt reply.  I have tried what you suggested and the 
>error message did clear up but I still believe I am doing something wrong.  
>The output window does not display any of the results.  I change the command 
>line to "-I-j-e-D surfaceprotein".  Perhaps I have too many parameters 
>(switches) this time. I also tried modifying my original commands to "-I-j 
>surfaceprotein" and still not results.  I looked at the FORMAT file that came 
>with the package and the README file.  I could not view the .EXA file for some 
>reason.  Perhaps I do not have an appropriate text editor.  Is there any 
>documentation that has more detailed instructions about it's use?  Or perhaps 
>you have futher suggestions.
>  Some other commands I have tried:
>      -I-j-e-i surfaceprotein
>      -I-j-e-w surfaceprotein
>      -I-j-i sufaceprotein
>      -I-j-w surfaceprotein

Please try the following commands:


The command "j" which tells the program to apply the JTT model is not
always necessary, since it is the default setting.

You can read the .EXA file by "SimpleText" or any other text editor.

Good luck!

Kiyoshi Gotow, Ph.D.
Department of Human Life and Culture
Junior College, Seitoku University
gotow at vir.bekkoame.or.jp

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