Info on DNAStar and LaserGene?

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> I would like some info on LaserGene by DNAStar. Primarily, I have visited
> the Web site and have signed up to download a demo, but I would like to know
> from one who has purchased it, what the approximate Price is. Also what are
> the pro's and con's. I am interested in this package primarily for 
> DNA sequence manipulation and analysis as well as Protein secondary
> structure prediction (hopefully graphical) in the absence of crystal
> structure data.
> Any comments would be helpfull..
> Chuck Miller
> oravaxcm at world.std.com

We demo'd the whole package and purchased one component of Lasergene,
MegAlign, to provide publishable figures of multiple sequence alignments. 
I wasn't impressed with it's ability to manage sequencing projects -- I
think Sequencher is much better. I don't know ahat kind of structural
modeling it is capable of -- I doubt that you'll get any remotely close to
3d renderings.  If it's anything like MacVector in that regard, it'll do
hydophobicity/hydophilicity, flexibiltry, surface probability,
antigenicity, and alpha helix/beta sheet predictions -- all the stuff you
can get from the GCG PeptideStructure and PlotStructure programs.



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