Update of MAC MatInspector software

Kerstin Quandt quandt
Fri Feb 23 05:47:52 EST 1996

The MAC version of our consensus match detection program 
MatInspector has been updated!!! Now it is capable of scanning
both strands of your DNA sequence simultaneously (as the
UNIX and PC version) for matches to the library of protein binding sites.

You can obtain the MAC version of MatInspector from

You can also use MatInspector interactively on the WWW at

New also: The DOS version of MatInspector also runs in the DOS box
of Windows95.
Available at 

MatInspector is a program that uses a large library of predefined
matrix descriptions of transcription factor binding sites
to locate matches in nucleotide sequences of unlimited length.
It assigns a quality rating to matches and thus allows a quality-
based filtering and selection of matches.
(see Quandt, K., Frech, K., Karas, H., Wingender, E., Werner, T.:
MatInd and MatInspector - New fast and versatile tools for
detection of consensus matches in nucleotide sequence data
Nucleic Acids Research 23, pp. 4878-4884 (1995)).

The library of protein binding sites contains more than 200 entries
and is based on the TRANSFAC database (the new release 2.5 is
accessible via http://transfac.gbf-braunschweig.de).

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