Protein MaxLiklihood Trees Software?

David Frederiksen rmh at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Wed Feb 21 16:23:42 EST 1996

Kiyoshi Gotow wrote:
> MolPhy-2.2 which has been compiled for Power Macintosh includes maximum
> likelihood phylogeny reconstruction of DNA or amino acid sequences.  The
> executable program is available at
> http://evolve.zps.ox.ac.uk/PhySoft/PhySoft.html
> Kiyoshi Gotow, Ph.D.
> Department of Human Life and Culture
> Junior College, Seitoku University
> gotow at vir.bekkoame.or.jp

   I downloaded the macintosh ececutables but i am having a hard 
time getting the protein alignment file to be read by protml.  Can 
you also direct me to a more concise maual?  I follow all the 
protocals listed in the readme and format files provided with the 
software but I receive operand errors.  Any help would be 

Thank You 
David Frederiksen

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