GPIB-IEEE-HPIB Command Library

Jan Van Bocxlaer Jan.VanBocxlaer at rug.ac.be
Wed Feb 21 05:08:45 EST 1996


We have a HPIB card from HP which is their version of the GPIB interface 
standard.  This is a rather old card which has a command library for BASIC, C 
and PASCAL, all in DOS version.  I would like to do some programming for this 
card (interface an analytical instrument) but I would like to use visual basic 
for this project.  So... no library any more.  The HP representative over here 
says they do not longer support this kind of software, so....no updated 
Does anybody know of such a library, or does anybody know how to adress the 
DLL (declares, variables,...) which comes with the software HP sold us to 
control our GC ?

I have tried the software of NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS (a version of their 
implementation of GPIB controls one of our HPLC-DAD systems) but their card 
only accepts base adresses from 0000h to 0300h and my older (8-bit) HP card 
has adress DC00h. This didn't work either, the soft didn't recognise the card, 
it found no card in my PC !

Please help me, you computer wizzards...


Email: Jan.VanBocxlaer at rug.ac.be

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