[Q]:?how to run MAC SW on PC (Windows95)

Arlin Stoltzfus arlin at is.dal.ca
Thu Feb 15 17:33:27 EST 1996

marty at ionchann (Marty Gallagher) wrote:
>Search the net for a program called "executor."  There is a free demo available.

This emulator is by ARDI (http://www.ardi.com), and they have 
versions for Linux, NeXT, and some other operating system with 
wierd filenames ending with 3-characters (e.g., "*.ini", "*.exe").
 There is a newsgroup in the comp hierarchy, something like 
Executor does not support all system 7 features, but it does
run many productivity apps. The Linux version will read and write 
MacOS floppies, which is very convenient.   I have tried a few 
Mac biology apps like MacClade, PAUP and DNA Strider, and they
seemed to work (not really tested them, just played around).

Executor is not free, but educational licenses are v. cheap 
($50-100 US for single user). 

arlin at is.dal.ca

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