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>>>Two more points: 
>>>for $$/computing power, PowerMacs are far faster than P5s, which is not 
[Typical Apple hype deleted]
>> RISC technology is not the be-all and end-all of chip design. In fact
>> it is, IMHO, a great leap backward. Have the chip less capable but
>> faster so that it can do 4 simple instructions at the speed of 1
>> complex instruction? This reminds me of people who bought 20 mhz 80286
>> machines instead of 16 mhz 386 machines. It doesn't always work.
>> Witness the Pentium Pro. Second, P5's are not the slower chip, PPc's
>> are, based on all tests I've read.
>We're obviously reading different reports.  The only reports I've seen which 
>favour the P5 were based on Microsoft software usage.  Need I say more?
Obviously you are not a CE and have not read c.s.chips in years.

Lets get back to biology - your mother told you reading in dim light was 
bad for the eyes - does this make it true?

We can rage a war over who is faster - a P166 or PPC.  Point is that
for most people with $3000 the PC is faster running the software they want to

Look at EXCEL, MS Word, Wordperfect, Photoshop (yes the new 32bit NT/Win95
version is very very fast) and an equivalent PC beats the PPC.

You will never play Quake on a PPC or EF2000 either :)

>There is PLENTY of software for Mac.  Over 800 PPC-native programs that aren't 
>available for PCs.  And a similar number of 'Mac-first' apps.  Not to mention 
>the stuff that is multiplatform or PC-first and ported.
YOu mean like the crap WP3.5 or MSword6>? 

>provocative, but the Macs network a whole lot easier than the PCs.  I've even 
SLIP on the MAC sucks.

If you are happy - great.  FOr $2000 NIH bought me a great system with a 17"
trinitron monitor.  I could not have done this with a Mac.

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