Info on DNAStar and LaserGene?

Peter J. Myler mylerpj at u.washington.edu
Mon Feb 12 14:28:16 EST 1996


We have just purchased Lasergene for Windows after many years of using 
DNASTAR for DOS.  It cost about $7500 for a 5-user Network version.  Yes 
it is expensive, but is probably the most comprehensive software package 
available (for the PC anyway).  It is also not without bugs (rather too 
many for the price paid).  However, there is not much you can do about 
it - it is a captive market.  Some of the other sequence analysis 
software will do some things better than Lasergene, but none do as much. 
 It is especially good for sequence assembly, where no-one else can 
touch it (except on the Mac and Unix).  If you are serious about 
sequence analysis and don't want to hobble together a bunch of smaller, 
more limited programs, you just have to bite the bullet.


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