Baseline correction

B Lauder R.Lauder at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Feb 9 11:04:44 EST 1996


I'm looking for some software (PC) to solve the following problem.

I am aquiring some data from an on-line monitor attached to a 
chormatography system. All is well except for one thing, as I run my 
application involves two eluants in a gradient system. A buffer B kicks in 
I get a change in my output, an increase in the baseline. This is broadly 
similar for each run, although no two runs produce the same baseline 
profile exactly.

What I want to do is take a chromatogram with my sample and one with a 
blank and subtract one from the other. The thing is that as the blank 
profile does not precisely match the baseline of the sample this does not 
work as well as I would like; the difference chromatogram sometimes has 
extra troughs or peaks.

So, what I would like some help with is an application which will calculate, 
or let me tell it, where the base line is and re-draw the chromatogram with 
a new, artificial, baseline.   

Thanks fro any pointers.

Bob Lauder
Biological Sciences,
University of Lancaster, UK   

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