Software to receive data from a mass-spectrometer through a serial interface.

Mat Ballard m.ballard at chem.csiro.au
Thu Feb 8 22:55:44 EST 1996

In article <4fa3ea$66m at sun4.bham.ac.uk>, M.A.Warner at bham.ac.uk says...

>I'm currently looking for some software that will allow me to hook up a 
>mass-spectrometer to a PC.  I'm doing a PhD research project which 
>involves analysing the exhaled gases for birds.  I have a 
>mass-spectrometer (Model MGA2000 made by CASE Scientific Instruments) 
>which will allow me to do this, unfortunately it is not currently wired 
>up to a computer, so I can only get data onto a pen recorder, which is 
>far from ideal.  However, the mass-spec can output data in a digital 
>format via a serial (RS232) interface.  

the first order solution is very simple: just connect your RS232 cable to 
a serial port, run windoze, then run the "TERMINAL" applet. tinker with 
the port settings, and voila ! then simply save to disk or copy and paste 
to a spreadsheet.

a more sophisticated answer is that i am currently developing a GPC 
program. it inputs (inter alia) RS232 data, saves it, graphs it, 
integrates or differentiates, etc. if >>>the price was right<<< i could 
adapt it to your application. 

suggest you try option (1) before (2), and see how far you get.

good luck,

Mat Ballard

> The data I wish to download are 
>essentially oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations which fluctuate 
>over a period of time to provide a trace.  So does anybody know of any 
>software that will allow me to download this form of data via a serial 
>interface onto a PC, and if you do where can I get it from, how much 
>does it cost and what are the minimum requirements for a machine to run 

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