Need help running WIN.95-help!!!

Alan psiber at ftech.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 19:45:10 EST 1996

I think that if youread a little closer, you may see that the message
actually says something about

A system device or driver _Reffered to in_ the registry or system.ini
cannot be found.

Read the name of the offending file (proably something.drv .dll .386
or .vxd.

Locate this file!

If it is not on your disk/bin you must remove the offending
system.ini, or registry entry.

This may or may not affect some installed software. The reg or ini
entry should indicate the program that wants to find or use the
missing file.

You may have deleted the main program but not fully cleaned your
system's references to it.

Good Luck.

let me know if you have problems.

username at terra.nlnet.nf.ca (Full name) wrote:

>I recently downloaded some files needed to finish installing the net.
>Now when I start my computer I get a message saying that a windows registary
>or System ini.file can no longer be found.
>If by mistake, I erased this file, how can I get it back?
> ps. I tried installing win.95 again with same results.
>     And also not in the Recycle Bin.
>            NEED HELP

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