Wanted: public DNA alignment/primer design software

Brian Fristensky frist
Wed Feb 7 13:59:00 EST 1996

Reno Pontarollo <Reno.Pontarollo at dres.dnd.ca> wrote:
>I already use MACAW 2.05 for DNA alignment, but could use some more software.
>I have access to a UNIX system and was wondering what the CLUSTAL and FASTA packages are 
>capable of and how easy they are to use.

I have built a comprehensive sequence analysis facility on our Sun/Unix
system using only freely-available software. I have written two packages:
  FSAP - general sequence analysis tasks
  XYLEM - sequence database creation and manipulation

These programs run from the command line, but can also be run from
Steven Smith's GDE (Genetic Data Environment). I have written a very
extensive set of GDE menus for running FSAP and XYLEM programs, as well
as other freeware programs (FASTA, PHYLIP, CLUSTAL, PIMA...) from 

For more information and to download software see:


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