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Mon Feb 5 06:30:43 EST 1996

In article <s110eb1c.096 at EM.AGR.CA>, Graham Casey (GCasey at EM.AGR.CA) writes:
>Hello everyone:
>We are considering implementing an image capture system to store the
>data generated in our gels in digital form.  We have been given some
>advice regarding the types of software that we can use to "clean up the
>image" (ie., adjust contrast etc), but we do not have much information on
>software to do some of the actual data analysis.
>Generally, we would be interested in the basic functions of molecular
>weight/ fragment length determination, DNA sequence reading, sequence
>alignment, RFLP and RAPD fragment analysis running on a 486 and or
>Pentium PC.  (We're not asking for much, are we :)!)  We would
>appreciate it if any of you can suggest some software packages,
>companies or web sites we could look at; or even some of your own
>experiences with a given software package(s).
>Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
>Graham Casey
>Cereal Research Centre
>Agriculture Agri-Foods Canada
>gcasey at em.agr.ca

Phoretix International is British company who have been developing
electrophoresis image analysis software for PC’s since 1989.

Both our 1D and 2D software packages are specifically designed for
the in depth analysis of electrophoresis gels.  We can import images
in 8, 12 or 16 bit formats from many forms of image capture device,
such as commercial document scanners, CCD cameras, phosphor imagers
and laser densitometers.  For visualisation purposes, the image can
then be "enhanced" using contrast stretching, false colours,
negative images or zooming in to look at a very few pixels. 
However the image data itself is never altered since the software
was developed to operate within the confines of Good Laboratory

Spots or bands can be automatically detected and measured, and
quantity, MW, and many othermeasurements calculated.  Histograms,
dendrograms, comparison tables and other forms of displaying the
data make the results easily assessable in a clear and instantly
recognisable way. 

I am afraid our web site is currently under construction but do
e-mail me with any questions you may have, or send me your address
so that I can forward you further information and a demo disk. 

James Sykes  

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