[Q]:?how to run MAC SW on PC (Windows95)

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>> >Could anybody inform me:
>> >1. if there is any emulator for PC (Windows) platform
>> >which enables running MAC software?
>> >2.how difficult work represents to rewrite Mac software for Windows PC?
>> I have no idea concerning the first point.
>You can run Executor, demo ftp-able from ARDI. Basically, it resembles the
>speed of a Mac II under system 6 when used on a 66MHz 486. So you turn
>your PC into a '86 Mac. Don't ask me on how to set it up, I have no PC
>experience other than have tested Executor once ;-) It might do some jobs.
>Have a look from the other side (ie. the other way around, softwindows on
>a PPC runs a bit faster yet giving access to both platforms
Well, this is just plain wrong.  The registered version is far faster.  And
with a P5-133 costing $350 (yes, you can buy a motherboard and P5-133 for 
$500) the "exectutor" runs 680x0 apps as fast as a $1000 PowerMac.

Apple is in deep deep trouble - face it.  The Amiga of the '90s.
Softwindows is horrible and requires 16megs of RAM.            

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