Seeking software for graphing and spreadsheet functions

Steve McGrew stevem at comtch.iea.com
Fri Feb 2 09:21:59 EST 1996

In article <LCL.96Jan31114205 at porky.bu.edu>, lcl at porky.bu.edu (Lisa
Caroline Lewis) wrote:

> The company I work for is looking for software that can both handle
> graphing and spreadsheet functions.  We need to have programming
> ability with it, so that we can write our own macros.  The graphing
> must be able to do sigmoidal plots on a semi-log scale [dose-response
> curves].

Excel for Windows does all the things you want.  In addition, "Generator"
a genetic algorithm software package from New Light Industries, can work
with Excel to do optimizations like curve fitting, model development,
equation solving and lots more.  If you're interested, check the NLI home
page at www.iea.com/~nli.  Or, e-mail at nli at comtch.iea.com.

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