Information on DNA Analysis Software

Graham Casey GCasey at EM.AGR.CA
Thu Feb 1 16:35:38 EST 1996

Hello everyone:

We are considering implementing an image capture system to store the
data generated in our gels in digital form.  We have been given some
advice regarding the types of software that we can use to "clean up the
image" (ie., adjust contrast etc), but we do not have much information on
software to do some of the actual data analysis.

Generally, we would be interested in the basic functions of molecular
weight/ fragment length determination, DNA sequence reading, sequence
alignment, RFLP and RAPD fragment analysis running on a 486 and or
Pentium PC.  (We're not asking for much, are we :)!)  We would
appreciate it if any of you can suggest some software packages,
companies or web sites we could look at; or even some of your own
experiences with a given software package(s).

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Graham Casey
Cereal Research Centre
Agriculture Agri-Foods Canada
gcasey at em.agr.ca

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