Patch clamp analysis program for free !

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Sun Dec 29 02:37:29 EST 1996

I have created a patch clamp analysis program that currently reads Axon
files from Clampex, Fetchex or Axotape. (operationmode=3 and 5). 
I have used a lot of time on the graphics routines, since it is what I
lacked most. However, the final version will include all the analysis that
you have in PClamp + some of that you can find in Axograph for the Mac +
some new things.

And another thing that I have tried to avoid is menus. Program with menus
are so slow to work with, because you have to unfold layers and more layers
of submenus before you get to the point. I know what I want and that is a
graph that I can use in my analysis and a figure that I can use as a
figure. So I have tried to make it a very work friendly interface. Lots of
the programs that I have seen until now simply is so bad if you e.g. have
100 files to analysis (and I have more - probably you too).

You can get a preview of a little part of the program at 

and if you are desparate then I am willing to give you a beta version, but
then I think it is fair that you give me some feedback.

Lars Thomsen, M.Sc. PhD.
115 South Oval, Hamilton, ON Canada L8S1R2
Email lthomsen at interlynx.net

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